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Talks, Walks & Rocks Therapy

In person and online therapy for wellbeing and life fulfilment. 

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Vicki Fergus
Founder of Talks, Walks & Rocks Therapy

Vicki Fergus is a fully qualified, BACP registered, psychotherapist and counsellor who holds an MSc in Counselling & Psychotherapy (with distinction) from the University of Strathclyde and at Talks, Walks & Rocks Therapy she does therapy a little differently. 


Talking Therapy
(Furry friends optional)

At Talks Walks & Rocks Therapy our talking therapy is person-centred experiential, meaning the client and the therapist work as a team to build a strong therapeutic relationship where the client is empowered to take ownership of their wellbeing. Our therapy is offered in person or online and you are welcome to bring your dog or request our Labradoodle, Layla. 

Walking Therapy
(Dogs welcome!)

Sitting down to talk isn't for everyone which is why we offer walking therapy. We still work within the person-centred experiential framework, we just do it on the move and at your pace. There are many benefits to being outdoors, from increased wellbeing, lowered anxiety, depression and stress levels, reduced anger and increased confidence and boosted self-esteem.

Furry friends and takeaway coffees are also welcome!

(Crystals, reiki, & meditation)

At Talks, Walks & Rocks Therapy we are open to all things spiritual so if you would like to involve crystals, reiki, mindfulness or meditation in your sessions just let us know.


We are also happy to make video, book & podcast recommendations that might help you on your journey. 

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